Promotions Terms & Conditions




  1. Everyday Hidden Surprise Special Program (“Program”) is special price offer run on daily basis on Harmony website.
  2. Program mechanism bases on votality of currency exchange, live market price of precious metals, and live market price of gemstones during the day. Accordingly, Company can provide the better spot price (“Program Price”) for customer (if available) compared with listing price on our website.
  3. Thanks to unpreditable live market, Program price can either increase or decrease compared with listing price. Company do not have obligation to ensure Program price at your request time is lower than listing price.
  4. Company reserves the right to set the program price, this applies to all products listed on company website only, without any obligation to explain any components or all price structure of program price.
  5. Quoted Program price by company is fixed during the day on request day.
  6. Customer can request program price on 03 products maximum, per customer per day.
  7. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollar.

How to participate in

  • Simply contact us via detais provided on our website.
  • One program price applies one time on each product only. Once Customer confirm an order, no other program price will be rewritten, i.e. Customer can no longer request another program price then ask for new program price to be applied on top of confirmed order.
  • If customer no longer wants confirmed products with program price, please contact us within 24 hours from the confirmation.
  • Once program price applies on a confirmed item, Customer can no longer request that program price to be applied on the same product purchase later on within 30 days. This term does not applies on loose diamond purchase.

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