How to measure my ring size

The best way is to walk in any jewellery store and ask the team member there to measure ring size for you.

Another way is to try a ring from your family member as you usually share the same hand features, and try on the best fitted one.

We do not recommend you to use string, ruler and paper method as it does not deliver the most accurate, which likely end up resizing your purchase.

Fun fact: given the same size, you may feel your ring looser in summer and tighter in winter as metal is elastic by heat.

Ring size chart

Different countries offer different measurement, hence the ring size chart is very handful help you to convert from one scale system to another.

(Ring size chart)

How to resize

Generally, we will add or remove a small amount of metal during resize process to make it fit. Reducing size is normally easier than increasing size.

Jewellery made of harder metal is more difficult to resize. Also, design may limit resizable possibility. Jewellery with more stones on its body is harder to resize, and may design such as eternity ring is normally impossible as few stones are accurte set along the band, so resize may damage the ring.

What if you order the wrong size?

As this is a very common incident, Harmony bring you peace of mind by providing flexible exchange policy and it also helps you to cover part of the postage cost in most cases as long as the return item are fully eligible as per policy.

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