Even though jewelleries made of highly durable materials such as gold and platinum, with precious stones which are resisted to environment, it still needs proper care to keep its long lasting beauty. Harmony provide useful tips for you to take care of your valuable jewellery pieces.

Care for your stones


As the hardest natural material on The Earth, Diamond can literally challenge the time. Under normal condition, it will long last forever. Caring for diamond means more about cleaning it correctly and keep it away from chipping or scratching.

To clean diamond, dishwashing liquid is cheap and convenient ready-to-use formula. Simply add 2-3 drop in small cup, and dip your diamond in for one hour. Rinse under warm water and dry it with a clean cloth then it shines bright again!

To keep diamond frm being scratched or chipped, you should separate your diamond jewellery pieces from each other. As only diamond can cut diamond, two materials with same hardness can damage each others, hence should be put away.


Unlike diamond, Emerald is quite soft hence can be damaged easily by other hard materials. Accordingly, Emerald jewellery is not suitable for daily wear, but special occasions recommended. We can use the same method to clean emerald as mentioned in diamond part to make its lustre looks bright after lng time use. Always remember to keep it in the dust bag when not wearing, and seperate with other gemstones.

Sapphire and Ruby

Sapphire and Ruby have same hardness of 9 score in Mohl scale, which is amazingly hard. You can apply the same caring method with diamond.

Noted that both Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby normally have natural crack in them, try to treat them gently.

Care for your precious metal Jewelleries

The golden rule is, at the end of the day, Platinum and gold are still metal, and metal is very sensitive to heat. That means your ring may extend a bit during summer days an squeeze a bit during cold winter. This make the setting loose after 6 motnhs or one year of use. Therefore, bringing your jewellery piece with stone set to jewellers for regular check is necessary, if you do not want to drop your precious stones accidentally.

Any plated jewellery such as white gold normally reduce its elegant brightness along time. Bringing in any store for re-plating is simple and cheap, so do not hesitate to step in to make your jewelley shines once again.

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